708 N 17th Street
Birmingham AL 35203


The Birmingham City Credit Union, formally known as The City of Birmingham General Employees Credit Union, has as its mission the responsibility for providing an efficient, effective, and well-managed financial institution that meets the needs of its membership.  In order to accomplish this mission, the Birmingham City Credit Union will continue a sound yet progressive asset management strategy and provide new and improved financial services to current and future members through membership input and management initiatives.

History and Structure

The Birmingham City Credit Union was founded in 1956 by a group of employees who recognized the need for an organization to promote savings and to make loans to its members with the lowest risks at the most reasonable rates. In 2016, we adopted our current name, Birmingham City Credit Union. The original room was on the 8th floor of City Hall. The Credit Union is a business which is totally owned by the members. For a $25.00 share purchase, a member has the same voting power as a member who has thousands of dollars on deposit. One of the biggest advantages of the Credit Union is payroll deduction. This makes savings and repayment of loans convenient. The Credit Union has 1900+ members. There are seven employees.

The Credit Union is governed by the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee who are elected by the membership for a three year term. Loans are made to the membership at the discretion of the Credit Committee who is elected for a three year term by the membership. The annual meeting of membership is held on the third Tuesday of January each year at the Linn Henley Library at 5:15 P.M.

Our Goal

Our goal is to serve and provide for our members in the same manner that we would like to be served. We strive to make the best loans at the lowest rates with the lowest risks and try to pay the highest rate on investments possible by keeping expenses at a minimum. We consider our members “family” and pride ourselves in knowing your names and knowing something about where you came from and where you are going.

Board of Directors

James Robinett
William Lee
Bobby Dorr
Thomas Bentley
Andrea Stallworth
Robert Averhart
LaTosha Kelley

Supervisory Committee

Sedrick Rutledge
Paul Hughes
Angela Bryant

Credit Committee

Mary Wade
Christie Williston
Carrie Player

Recording Secretary

Christie Williston

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